Pictures of Old Coney Island NY
Dreamland and Luna Park

Elephant HotelI have always been fascinated with Coney Island. It amazes me when I see pictures of the way it use to be. Coney Island's history of amusing parks start in 1897.

A man named George C. Tylton owned a bathing spa on the southern end of the five mile island.

He was first to build the first of three amusement parks there, which would make it the most famous seaside resort in all the world.

His cluster of amusements was ringed around by iron tracks on which some wooden horses swooped and dipped in a simulated race. Click a link to start your travel back in time to old Coney Island Dreamland and Luna Park or Steeplechase.

Feltmans Restaurant
Surf Ave
Balmers Baths
Coney Island Beach 1914, 1930, and 1950's pictures

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