Astroland Park
Coney Island, NY

This first picture is a view towards Coney Island on Surf Ave. Coney Island Park is in Brooklyn, NY and the amusements are called Astroland.

The overpass you see goes toward the NY Aquarium, which we haven't been able to visit yet. I guess we'll wait for a rainy day to do that.

I find it pretty creative that they used pictures of the fish to show you the direction of the Aquarium.

The favorite ride at Coney Island right now is the Cyclone Roller Coaster. We could hear screams a block away! The center pole is a new ride which sort of replaces the Parachute Drop, this one has a wheel encircling the tall pole and it rises, spins and drops. What a scenic view you could get from the top.

Coney Island Astroland

Coney Island is not nearly as popular now as it was years ago, and it has changed alot even since the last time I was here in 1973, but some of the original shops and food restaurants like Nathan's, are still there.

They have a huge sidewalk flea market, and you can bargain for the price of an item if you think it should be cheaper.

Driving Directions

Belt Parkway, Exit 7 B, then turn south all the way to the beach on Ocean Parkway, at the light make a right and follow it till you start seeing the rides, which is about 3 blocks down.

We always see places to park there because there are so many empty lots.

Be careful not to park where there is a sign that says No Standing. We don't know what that means, but they will give you a parking ticket for 60 dollars according to the residents.

Be sure to see pictures of Coney Island and read the history of Coney Island. Also see the old pictures of Coney Island, including Luna Park, Dreamland, and Steeplechase

More Pictures

-a large picture of Astroland... astroland view
-a larger picture of the cyclone... larger pic
-a better view of Surf Avenue... surf ave
-a walkway to the New York Aquarium... walkway... see Aquarium brochure

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