Little Russia

Little Russia in Brighton Beach is our favorite place to go in Brooklyn NY.

We drive there every once in a while and get some Russian food, like the delicious Black Bread and Meat pies.

The food is so good, and shopping in the Russian stores is fun.

Little Russia Shopping

Shop first in Brighton Beach if you are interested in Russian souvenirs, especially the nesting dolls, and lock them in your car, and buy a couple meat pies for a quick snack. Bring a cooler along for refrigerated items like pirogues.

Little Russia in Brooklyn

You can get meat pirogues instead of potatoes and cabbage. The Taste of Russia is one of our first stops. Vendors stand outside and sell their pastries. Our favorite is the pastry with the poppyseed filling. Delicious.

Mrs. Stahl's Knishes Gone?

If you walk all the way east under the subway tracks on Coney Island Ave., with the stretch of Russian shops, there is a famous shop called, Mrs. Stahl's Knishes, and they have Knishes in all different flavors. It's always hard to decide which knishes to buy because they taste so good.

They taste the same as they did in the old days, but the original owners sold the shop a couple of years back, and the price of the knishes has gone up, probably because of the cost of remodeling the store.

Trump Village Apartments

When we stayed in Brighton Beach, we had a friend that lived on the 15th floor in Trump Village. The bottom picture was taken from his window. What a scenic view it is. I like watching the above ground subway go by.

Did you know that sound travels up? We could stand by his window and hear people talking on the sidewalk below. Our friend was renting this studio apartment in Trump Village for $750. a month, and we thought that was incredibly cheap.

Finding a Place to Park

As far as finding a place to park, if you have an apartment there in Trump Village, they give you a spot to park. But when we went, it was harder to find a spot, and if you are in Brighton Beach after 9AM, forget it, you're not going to find a place to park.Usually on weekends, you'll find parking, because alot of New Yorkers head out to the country for the weekend. Don't park anywhere that there is a sign that says No Standing. If you can't find a place to park, don't despair, there is a small shopping center on Neptune and W 5th St., you can pull in there and pay 10 dollars for 10 hours, which is better than a 60 dollar parking ticket.

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