Dreamland Park
Old Coney Island 1903

Dreamland entranceIn 1903 a group of New York politicians were envious of the success of Luna Park and decided to go one better.

So after a bit of shenaggling, they got ahold of a stretch of oceanfront property and built Dreamland.

The spires of Dreamland were painted virgin white and picked out by one million electric lights.

The park, its promoters boasted, was bigger, brighter, and more refined than Luna Park. But nobody had much use for a refined amusement park.

For instance, Dreamland featured a spectacular Biblical tableau entitled, "Creation." but Luna offered seamier diversions (once they even electrocuted an elephant), and the people went there.

After Dreamland burned in the great fire of 1911, along with Balmer's Baths, and it was never rebuilt.

Large View of Dreamland Park

See the Dreamland Park Entrance

Even though Dreamland was a beautiful park, it's success could not match Luna Park and Steeplechase.

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