Luna Park Surf Avenue by Night
Coney Island NY

Luna Park Entrance at NightSurf Avenue was Coney Island's main drag and two showmen named Fred Thompson and Skip Dundy, built Luna Park across the street from Steeplechase.

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They created a great confection of plaster minarets containing such thrills as a trip to the moon, an undersea ride, and chute-the-chutes that sent riders careering down an incline into a lagoon.

See the Luna Towers at Night

See the Luna Park Surf Ave

Witching Waves Ride Luna Park

Are these the original Bumper Cars? I'm not sure but I think these were operated by pushing pedals on the floor of the cart with your feet.

See the Witching Waves Ride

Trip To Mars by Aeroplane Luna Park

Luna Park Trip To Mars by Aeroplane in Coney Island. They got this idea from a ride that was showing at the Chicago World's Fair. When people would go inside in the dark, they had pictures of Mars on rollers in front of them, and had scenes of Mars, take off, landing, and the trip through space.

See the Trip to Mars Ride

Shooting the Chutes at Luna Park

Luna Park built a huge park containing such thrills as a Trip To the Moon, an Undersea Ride, and a Shooting the Chutes, which sent riders careening down into a lagoon.

See the Shooting the Chutes Ride

Luna Park Elephant Ride

The Luna Park Elephant Ride was a popular attraction. Then one day one of the elephants killed a trainer. They then publicized that they were going to electrocute the elephant because of this deed.

The publicity drew crowds far and wide, but it did not work. Then they publicized it again, saying they would hang the elephant instead.

See the Luna Elephant Ride

Luna Park Loop the Loop Ride

See a picture of the Luna Loop the Loop entrance

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