911 Memorial in New York, NY
Greenwich Ave. and Mulry

Here is another 911 memorial we passed while we were on the doubledecker bus tour.

This Memorial takes up the whole corner of Greenwich Avenue and Mulry Square. The whole corner is fenced off, and little pictures and plaques totally cover it on both sides.

WTC 911 Memorial

The doubledecker bus did not stop here, but we could have gotten off the bus about a block down. That's the nice thing about the hop on hop off sightseeing tours.

Here is a closeup picture of a sample of what type of items are hanging on the fence.

911 Memorial close up

-here's a large picture of the corner of Greenwich Ave. and Mulry Square... memorial corner
-and here's a larger closeup of the area of the memorial plaques... memorial plaques ... huge picture
-we passed another memorial display on the way to the Statue of Liberty... another memorial
-this is as close as the tour guide said we would get to ground zero... view toward ground zero
-a church steeple... church steeple

Our WTC Pictures taken in early Dec 2001

After 9/11 all we could think about was going to New York to try to help. However, they wouldn't let anyone into New York, except emergency personnel, all transportation was stopped. We didn't get to go to the city until around the 12th of December. The WTC was still smoldering, and the sky was still full of smoke.

Once thing that I noticed was that all the large amounts of dust that came from the buildings collapsing, was gone. I purposely looked for dust from the collapse. I couldn't find any! The city had done such a fantastic cleanup job, there was no dust to be found anywhere, not even in the cracks of the sidewalks, not even on the buildings or the windowsills, which I found incredible! See this first picture of me walking toward the WTC, and notice how clean everything is.

-Pictures of missing persons and candles at a bus stop.... bus stop... never forget
-Notice the haze in sky walking toward lower Manhattan... walking toward lower Manhattan..
-We walked toward the World Trade Center, barricades were everywhere.... closer to WTC
-Larger picture of the draped building to the left of me, notice broken windows
-the area was fenced off with a high fence... the area was fenced off
-We couldn't get any closer than the Corner of Greenwich St.... Corner of Greenwich street and 75 Park Place
-There were lots of people there taking pictures... the crowd
-People were climbing on each others shoulders to see and climbing on the fence... climbing streetlight
-Notice the building to the right of us has few broken windows... building to right
-Full view of World Trade Center destruction... full view...First view... closer view of WTC
-Notice the building south of WTC is draped because of all the broken windows

We also went to New York City in November of 1999

We walked from 42nd Street all the way to the World Trade Center, we were going to go up to the top of the WTC but the line at the elevator was too long.
-Pictures we took of the WTC in Nov 1999...
-Me standing in the WTC Plaza...Both of us in the plaza, in front of north tower
-looking straight up from the center of the plaza....looking up at bottom of the South tower
-covered walkway between the two towers...a view of both towers
-view as we approached the towers from Greenwich Village... towers view
-first view of towers from corner of Lispenard and Broadway... Lispenard St. and Broadway
-Towers from Interstate 285... Towers and Brooklyn Bridge...towers at sunset

Other Pictures taken in November of 1999

-A picture taken in West Village... West Village... picture of Caliente's restaurant
-A picture of steam coming out of sewer... sewer steam
-A picture taken on 8th Ave and Fashion Ave.... View toward Empire State Building
-A sign painted on the side of a building... building sign

Also see the WTC Globe Memorial at Battery Park

This information is gathered from our own personal trips to NYC.
Therefore, some information on the pages may change as far as restaurants, hotels, things to do, etc.

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