New York Public Library

The first picture is of the New York Public Library entrance, but you can't see much in the picture.

This building is just too huge and would take a whole website to cover it all.

My sisters were both intent on seeing the sculptured lions that sit out front of the New York Public Library. They are both professional librarians.

The library was closed (on Sundays) otherwise we would have gone inside. We recently saw a movie that takes place almost entirely inside the New York Public Library. Oh yes, it was called, "The Day after Tomorrow." It was a good movie.

New York Public Library The lower picture is one of the double decker sightseeing buses we saw. I think we'll hop on one of these the next time we go to New York and just take a tour of the whole city. They looked like a lot of fun.

And that is probably the only way you would get to see everything in New York. (This is exactly what we did this year in 2005, see pictures and read our stories of our doubledecker bus tour)

We decided to walk over a block to find the FOX channel building, and was amazed to see that 6th Ave. was totally blocked off to cars, and that vendors selling sausages and crafts were lining the sidewalks!

Oh my, we could have saved 70 bucks just by eating here instead of Bubba Gumps. And that 70 bucks was only for appetizers! But there was no way of knowing there was a fair going on a block away.

Also we realized too late that we were only two blocks away from the New York Public Library, and they had a concert going on at Bryant Park and public restrooms.

More Pictures

- a picture taken standing on the library steps... view from steps
-my sister tries to find out why her camera is not working... another view looking east
-a large picture of the front of the NYC Public Library... front of library
-on the way back to the subway we spot a doubledecker bus... doubledeckerbus
-Me and my daughter inside the NY subway... NY subway

Also visit the Morgan Library

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