Statue of Liberty and Ferry
Battery Park New York NY

Ferry to the Statue of Liberty

Here's a picture of the ferry that takes you to the Statue of Liberty.

We hopped off of our doubledecker siteseeing tour at Battery Park and followed the wide sidewalk all the way to the tip of Manhattan.

There is also a fort there, and lots of vendors selling watches on the sidewalk.

There were lots of people in lines to take the ferry. Thay had just announced that the tickets were sold out. It was around five o'clock. So we walked along the boardwalk for awhile and saw that they are rebuilding Battery Park and making little paths and planting exotic plants.

Ferry to Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was surrounded by fog, so our picture didn't turn out so good.

Statue of Liberty

More Pictures at Battery Park

- first view of the statue of liberty... statue of liberty
-the statue of libery in a shroud of fog... foggy statue
-a larger picture, zooming in on the statue... closer view
-strolling outside of the Battery Park Fort... battery park fort
-checking out the lines for the ferries... ferry lines
-picture of the last ferry leaving... last ferry

Getting back on the tour bus

- Here's a view of the Brooklyn Bridge... Brooklyn Bridge
-a large picture of passing the Brooklyn Bridge... large picture

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Did you see the World Trade Center Globe Memorial at Battery Park ?

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